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Portable focusable light for a photo and video shooting

bitLighter is an innovative photo/video lighting device.

In simple words, bitLighter a professional photo/video lighting device in the shape of a flashlight. We call it Photo Flashlight.

Brightness and size of the beam can be smoothly adjusted. Light has a professional color rendering index and quite high brightness. At the same time, bitLighter, has small weight, size and it can be held by hand, just like a usual flashlight.

Because of its portability, it is well suited for making slight accents, accurate backlight, or spectacular beams through the entire frame. You can see some backstage in the video below.

We are a small team of dedicated engineers who developed this lighting device from scratch specifically for the creative industry in close cooperation with professional photographers and videographers.

bitLighter 2. New version

  • Interchangeable “heads” for changing the temperature of light
  • Reliability is improved
  • Guarantee conditions are improved
  • A number of design updates were made
  • Still uncompromising quality
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Examples of usage


Color rendering index is a very important parameter for lighting. Thanks to high value of this parameter, the color of the skin, eyes, clothes of the lit model will look natural and real. The index above 90 is considered suitable for professional work in the photo-video industry. According to tests, this value at our LEDs is around 93-95.

An interchangeable head allows you to replace quickly light temperature in a lamp. In difference from use of color filters, changing the head wouldn’t reduce brightness and color quality. It is possible to set a shade of light more precisely.

This is one of the main differences between our device and the mass of others. We have implemented the most convenient solution that can only exist. If bitLighter is NOT connected to the mains, it is powered by battery. If connected – it will work from the mains supply, without losing brightness, meanwhile it will charge the battery with the remaining power. If the battery is removed, bitLighter will simply works from the outlet.
Charging the battery in similar devices is often a headache. It is necessary to take out the battery, insert the balanced wire into the small connector and then hardly take out it from there, with fear of damaging the contacts. Bitlighter is saved from these problems. Just plug the power supply into the connector on the case and the charging will begin.
The charge indicator will save you from unpleasant situations when the flashlight turns off unexpectedly in the middle of shooting. The indicator shows charge  level in green, orange, red and blinking red when the time is very little.
A serious problem with any high-power light source is overheating. Overheating can cause a lot of trouble, such as board burns, or “degradation” of the LED. We use an electronic sensor, which, will save the flashlight from breakage, in case of overheating. Such situations are not often, but sometimes happen. To avoid them, we recommend that you ensure that bitLighter has free access to air from all sides.
In order to increase the efficiency, we use a special coating of the lens, which significantly increases the transmission of light.
We use specially selected contacts and special bushings so the battery in the case is securely fixed and the contact does not disappear during sudden movements or shaking. Thanks to this, the flashlight will serve for a long time without failures.
In practice, at a small brightness, it is more difficult for the user to select the desired value, so we use a “logarithmic” regulator, which more smoothly changes the brightness at small values and more roughly at large ones.
Since we are a new company, we try to keep our price at a minimum level. Despite all useful features, our price remains lower than the price of competitors. We want more people to be able to make beautiful shots with constant focusing light.

Areas of use

Wedding photo and video

Due to the accurate tuning of the light beam, you can make unusual and creative shots. Unlike flash, constant light does not interrupt with video shooting, and the photographer’s assistant could comfortably hold the lighting device with a special handle.

Subject and food shooting

Our light source is great for artistic shooting of small objects. It allows you to make focus on the object, or on the part of the object. It helps to highlight glares, to show the details missing in the shadows or to create spectacular backlighting.

Work in studio

bitLighter can be powered from the outlet. It can also be used autonomously, and it is more convenient to move around the studio, without wires under your feet. This is especially important with a large number of lighters.

Shooting commercials

With focusing constant light, you can place accents in the interior, you can show particles in the air, create cozy, or restless atmosphere, which will allow you to release an impressive video.

Shooting music clips

bitLitter is very mobile. It can be easily moved and directed to the target object, which could be in motion. Thanks to this you can reveal the beauty of the dance and dynamics in the frame.

Artistic photography

A long battery life allows you to take bitLighter in any location where there is no access to the outlet: forest, nature, abandoned building, beautiful cafes, etc.

Film photo

bitLighter allows you to see how the picture will look before the shutter release, so you will not damage an expensive shot due to an incorrectly tuned flash.

Travel photo

Our lighting fixture has a small size and weight. If you can take a half-liter bottle of Cola than you can take bitLighter with you. By the way, during a trip, it can be used as a high-quality and very bright traveling torch.

Light painting

A wonderful way to light drawing, for which bitLighter will suit, ideal. If you are not familiar with this approach, you can see, for example, a photo session of Emilia Clark for the magazine Vogue. 


Comparison of similar devices by the brightness of the LED in lumens is not very correct, because this does not take into account the rest of the optical system. But we left this value, because it is already “generally accepted” for comparisons of photo-flashlights. It would be more clear to measure the brightness of the spot at a distance of 1 meter using a luxmeter. We also have such measurements. You can see them in the video where we compare the brightness of bitLighter and the brightness of Dedolights
You can smoothly change the size of a light spot by moving the head of the lantern. We added a special rubber seal, to make zoom more “dense”. It did not move with sudden movements or accidental touches.
We use the so-called “logarithmic” regulator, which more smoothly adjusts brightness at small values. This is more convenient in practice. The regulator also has a built-in switch.
Our battery has a monolithic case. From the inside it consists of three elements Panasonic 3400mAh and PCB for control.
Thanks to the efficient LED and the high efficiency of the whole design, we were able to reduce power consumption in comparison with similar devices. This helped us to reduce temperature to which bitLighter can warm up and allowed it to be charging and working simultaneously. At the same time, brightness remains at the same level.
This is significantly less than in similar devices (about 500 grams in total compared to 700-800 grams). In addition to the fact that the weight of the photographer’s / videographer’s backpack becomes smaller, we noticed that such a light is often kept by the assistant, or the photographer himself on an outstretched hand. In this case, every gram is in the account. Light weight was achieved mainly due to batteries. We made battery, lighter, while it’s enough power for 2 hours of working at full power.
Obviously, the smaller body, the better. Similar devices are 31-33 cm long, but we have the opportunity to use a slightly shorter case and do not install any extensions. We use our own electronics and therefore we can place it in a smaller space.
This is already quite a lot, but in practice full-power is not used all the time. There are moments of preparing the frame, changing the location, etc. Therefore photo session could last much longer. But, in any case, an indicator will tell you how much charge left.
We take care of the quality of LEDs with particular scrupulousness. The fact is that LEDs has no markings of color rendering index on it, so you have to believe the store that they sold you the right one. Now we buy LEDs from an authorized American supplier. The LED itself is produced by the American company CREE. For all color temperatures, we take LEDs with a CRI index of at least 90
The color temperature can be selected before purchase and after that it remains fixed. For local buyers, we will make a free replacement of the LED once, if it does not suit to you.
This kit is enough for full-fledged work. In addition, you can purchase tripod mounts, a swivel head, a mini tripod and an extra battery. We are working on expanding the list of accessories and, first of all, the appearance of barndoors is expected.

We try to select components and assemble them so that nothing breaks. But if there is a breakdown, during the warranty period we will fix it for you under warranty.
We also have a Return Policy.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Most often people buy warm versions 3000K and 3500K since  it is the simplest way to make a beautiful photo using contrast with a daylight. 3000K is shine as a tungsten lamp, but for some buyers it is too warm therefore they get 3500K as a little more universal. Temperatures 4000K (neutral) and 5000K (cold) are quite popular too. You can imagine what shots you want to receive and choose light according to this.

You can also benefit from an additional interchangeable head with the concrete temperature, or a set of color filters with different shades. But you need to consider that the filters reduce the brightness by about half.

During placing an order, the site will automatically calculate the shipping price, depending on your country and the weight of the package.

You can choose two options: the DHL-express and regular mail. For the US and EU countries, DHL-Express takes around 2-5 days, regular mail around 2-3 weeks.

After receiving an order, we also need 1-2 days to prepare the parcel and send it.

  • LEDs with high color quality, CRI> 90
  • Set of different light temperatures from 2700K to 5700K
  • Spot of light in the shape of a circle, even after zooming
  • Smoothly adjustable brightness
  • Constant brightness after long time of unstoppable using
  • Improving a lot of other parts specifically for using device in photo and video industry
All sets include a battery with a large capacity, a small cover and a clamp mount by default.

In the store at each set you can find a photo of what it consists of.

We do not recommend this. The bitLighter uses a battery assembly with a built-in chip for proper charging. In addition, standard batteries may not fit the size.
  • We post photos and videos of development process, participate in exhibitions, collaborate with famous photographers.
  • We accept payments from PayPal, payment system, which very well protects its users.
  • If we have a good working product, it is in our interests to produce and sell it, than to deceive a few people and lose the reputation for a lifetime.
You can make a payment through our website after placing an order.

Payment can be made using Visa / MasterCard, or PayPal.

If you prefer a different payment method, please contact us.

bitLighter 2. Base set.



bitLighter 2. Art set.



bitLighter 2. DOUBLE set.



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