Crowdfunding version

A new version of bitLighter

Ultra-portable continuous lighting with a focusable beam.

bitLighter in a new shape

We want to present you a new version, which we finally fully satisfied with!

This is a new product in a completely new custom-designed body.

The new version now became smaller than a half-liter bottle of water and has almost the same weight.

Hint: A bottle of water near you is a quick way to check how the bitLighter will be felt in a hand.


As you can see, we have already set up a development and sales of the metal bitLighter. After a number of updates, it became pretty good and we are happy to receive good feedback on quality and functionality.

But there remains one essential thing that we do not fully control – the case. We have to use those ready-made cases that factories can offer us.

For the body of our scheme, factories require a large sum of money upfront. Therefore, we decided to engage our users and organize a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will help us to make a lot of cool things besides the new case.


  • The beam angle range increased almost twice to 10-115 degrees

  • Space for battery became 25% more optimal, therefore, battery capacity is increased.

  • New LED, which is 90% brighter than pevious one on high power mode.

  • Remote control capability

  • More portable size

Our principles

We are fighting for every 0.1-millimeter size of the device. This is not easy especially in a device that often heats up. As you know, metal and plastic expand with different values this can create problems with moving mechanical parts. Additionally, we need to use special components that cope not only with high voltage but also high temperature. It is needed to move heat from not only one, but several internal places. And all these pieces should stand very tight in a super small space.

But thanks to modern technologies and range of engineering solutions it became possible.

We decided not to use standard “Sony NP-F” type of batteries, because they stick out of the device, increase its size and reduce mechanical reliability. Own battery allows us to charge bitLighter with high speed and work with light during charging. We can control what elements are inside and we install there best lithium-ion batteries with high capacity from Panasonic.

If something can be done for sake of using comfort, it should be done. All our devices can work during charging. The battery is not consumed when the device is turned off. Despite the digital control, we use a convenient physical controller. No buttons, or endless rotations of the wheel for brightness control. The minimum brightness should be really low. And batteries should be charged at the maximum speed for which they are calculated.

Greater power and minimum size are opposite properties and we have to find the right balance in this. Because we can not increase the size, we have to fight for every percentage of effectiveness. We use a unique diffuser that transmits more light than analogs, an effective radiator of our own design and of course, we have to take the most modern and powerful components, batteries and LEDs.

On the metal bitLighter that we already sell, we already give a 2 years guarantee. These lanterns are usually used actively for many hours of shining and they constantly heated and cooled but they cope with it.

We do not save on materials and on components, we take the most reliable ones, mainly from US and Europe, which are usually more expensive.

Development process


In fact, we have developed this version of bitLighter at the first, one and a half years ago. You can even see it in our logo. But in those days we decided to produce something that we can handle with and use a ready-made metal case. Now, when we received a large amount of feedback and discovered bottlenecks
that may arise during development, we are ready to make the lighter of the dream.

We urge you to participate in this campaign. And since we know all the insider details, we can responsibly say that this will be a very cool device from which we all will be delighted.


We appreciate people who believe in us on this stage. So by leaving an email, you will get to the limited list of people who will have an opportunity to make a preorder for the minimum price.


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