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bitLighter. Version 2

After a long development, we are pleased to present you with a significantly updated version of our photo flashlight.

1. Interchangeable heads for changing the temperature of light

Now, to change the light temperature, it is not necessary to buy a new lantern. You can only buy a head separately. Unlike using of color filters, the brightness is not lost and the color quality does not worsens.

2. Improved reliability

We completely reworked all the insides parts. We accumulated experience a year after the start of sales and after more than two hundred sent copies, andwe used it when developing a new version.

What’s new:

  • Falling protection is improved..
    After falling from a high altitude, a massive battery created a strong hit due to which the contact could be damaged.
  • The power connector is strengthened.
    It did not break in the current form, but we decided to make it stronger with a special strap, because this connector had a chance of being damaged over time
  • Chips are divided into separate modules for repair simplification.
    Usually, we send a new module to the user to speed up the whole procedure
  • Pressure upon the regulator is reduced
    After falling from height the regulator could deform the case.
  • Have got rid of wires
    Wires are a potential source of problems in electronics therefore the less wires in the device – the better.

3. Guarantee conditions are improved

We made an analysis of breakage chances in our flashlight and decided to extend the warranty. Now it is 2 years. In the case of a breakdown, we will promptly send you a replacement for the broken part, or we will find a way to repair the device.

4. Polishing

We are constantly working on improvements.

What’s new:

  • A silicone ring was added to the head, for the convenience of adjusting the lantern when it hot.
  • Completely transformed internals based on another “driver chip”.
  • Improved diffuser for charge indicator.
  • Improved packaging for greater safety during shipment.
  • When the power is turned on, the flashlight immediately shines at the brightness on which the regulator stands.
  • The overheating indicator now lights up 3 degrees earlier than the flashlight automatically turns off.
  • Tracks with gold content were used for replacement heads, t to increase resource of work.
  • Reduced minimum brightness

All the same advantages

  • LEDs with an high color rendering index
  • The overheat protection system is controlled by a microcontroller. Learn More:
  • The ability to work from an outlet and handy charging without necessity to remove the battery
  • Charge indicator for 4 positions
  • Qualitative and technological assembly


bitLighter 2. Base set.



bitLighter 2. Art set.



bitLighter 2. PRO set.



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